Next set of Important dates and notes - July & August and October.

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Important information on upcoming dates:


July & August - Away Job No. 4


Hold date and time for special requests: 24th July at 6pm for away Job 4.


26th July 2019 - Sheepgate Evening Dressage - Works from this event will be uploaded overnight and ready by morning of 27th July.


27th July 2019 - Oakridge Dressage - Will be photographing this event, but due to having to head across to Manchester for away Job No. 4, I shall be photographing until 16:45 as I must leave by no later than 17:00. Works are aimed to be uploaded that day on the spot with the remaining works available by the evening this day.


Away Job 4 - 28th July > 12th August 2019 - Can still be reached at times dependent on connection for enquiries and requests to commence upon my return on 15th August but replies are at unusual time differences.


Full Resume / Normality: 15th August 2019.


October - Short Away Job 5.


Hold date and time for special requests for Away job 5 in April: 9th October 2019 at 3pm.


Away Job 5 - 11th October > 14th October 2019 - Can be reached for enquiries etc but will be difficult in getting back to you between 11th > 14th October due to very limited cell area coverage.


Full Resume / Normality - 15th October 2019.


What are affected: Only special requests for certain designs and bespoke work i.e. different montages to the ones offered online or special products etc and also any editing requests.


All website products are not affected by the above dates and can be ordered normally as the website and online shop are 24hrs. Digital downloads are not affected also.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch or come and see me at any event I am attending. The next event I am officially attending will be Sheepgate Unaffiliated Dressage on Sunday 14th July 2019.


There will be a blog post on the website with these second set of dates.


Thank you again and have fun!



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