Important dates and information for the next three months.

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Hi everyone!


Hope your equestrian year has kicked off to a good start!  It has been an interesting start with the winds and gales and also the feeling of summer coming way before spring!  


As promised an update on what is coming as there are hold dates and resumes due to working away. Here are some important dates for the next two - three months:




Event before the hold time and date below: Sheepgate Outdoor Dressage 24th March 2019. Note: There will be only one photographer on this date.


Hold date and time for special requests: 25th March at 6pm for away Job 1.


Away Job 1 - 26th March > 3rd April 2019 - Can still be reached for enquiries and requests to commence upon my return.


Full Resume / Normality: 4th April 2019.




Full Resume / Normality: 4th April 2019.


Hold Date and time for special requests for Away job 2 in April: 11th April 12pm.


12th April 2019: Sheepgate Evening Dressage. Work from this event will be fully posted by no later than morning of 13th April 2019.


Away Job 2 - 13th April > 23rd April 2019 - Can be reached for enquiries etc but may be difficult in getting back to you between 14th > 18th April part of this one.


Sheepgate Outdoor Dressage - 22nd April 2019


Full Resume / Normality - 23rd April 2019.


Oakridge Dressage - 27th April 2019.


SDBPC Spring Hunter Trial - 28th April 2019.




Hold date and time for special requests in May for Away Job 3: 3rd May 2019 at 12pm.


Away Job 3: 4th May > 20th May 2019 - Between 8th May to 18th May 2019 I can be reached for enquiries but may face a long delay or awkward time difference reply dependant on what connections I have available at the time.


19th May 2019 - SDPC Spring Show.


Full Resume / Normality - 21st May 2019.


There will be some important dates possibly June but will soon know and for July & August also.


What are affected: Only special requests for certain designs and bespoke work i.e. different montages to the ones offered online or special products etc and also any editing requests.


All website products are not affected by the above dates and can be ordered normally as the website and online shop are 24hrs. Digital downloads are not affected also.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch or come and see me at any event I am attending. The next event I am officially attending will be Oakridge Dressage this Saturday 16th March 2019.

There is a small special project in planning stages and if it goes ahead I may ask if some would like to participate in the project.  Should announce what happens during April.

Thank you again and have fun!



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